ABWHE's mission is to: promote the intellectual growth and educational development of Black women in higher education; strive to eliminate racism, sexism, classism, and other social barriers that hinder Black women in higher education from achieving their full potential; communicate the history of personal and professional achievements of Black women in higher education in order to preserve and increase the presence and place of Black women and men in higher education; Provide academic and social mentoring for Black youth in order to ensure the participation and success of future generations of Blacks in higher education; and utilize our talents, strengths, and expertise to advance our vision of social justice.

ABWHE seeks to fulfill its mission of celebrating the historic and present achievements of Black women by providing an array of services to its members, including:

  • Reduced registration costs at National and Local AWBHE events and conferences, and national job announcements;

  • A connection to a national network of Black women, at all levels in Higher Education, with diverse perspectives on national education issues and leadership experience;

  • An opportunity to build a scholarly network with successful and motivated researchers and professionals in Higher Education and to dialog with Black professional women at various points in their careers (college presidents, deans, administrators, faculty, students);

  • Support for developing your own research, publications, and special events within an intellectually stimulating and encouraging network;

  • Mentorship from members of the Higher Education community that you would not naturally have access to meeting in everyday responsibilities (critically important for those at the beginning stages of their careers);

  • The possibility of a focused, purposeful voice on national and international matters that impact the Black Community in the areas of specific Local Chapters and in general;

  • Leadership opportunities that would develop stronger skill sets by serving at the National or Local Chapter level.

ABWHE members seek “To lift as we climb”, and we need your help and support. If you would like more information about ABWHE, please conatct us by email at: abwhephila@gmail.com or by phone at 267-393-4216

Make checks or money order payable to:

ABWHE Philadelphia Chapter mail to:
P.O. Box 8366,
Philadelphia, PA 19104